Miljenko Mike Grgich

Thursday, 13:45 10th February 2022

Markov Trg, Zagreb


Miljenko Mike Grgich - As the only Croatian that is included in the Smithsonian Institution's  National Museum of American History, Mike has left an indelible mark on the history of the United States, Croatia, and the world. With the 1976 Judgement of Paris, Mike has brought world acclaim to Croatian winemaking (with a Croatian-made Chardonnay beating French Chardonnays on their home turf). He took Croatian wine to the world. Despite achieving the American Dream, Mike has never forgotten his roots and has worked tirelessly for the benefit of young people in Croatia.

A frequent contributor to the Croatian Scholarship Fund (supporting students of modest means in Croatia and B&H), Mike also established a $1M endowment for the education of vinicultural studies (to help the Croatian industry recover the devastating effects of communism and thrive for years to come). Also through the Family Foundation provided for U.S.-based scholarships for many Croatian students. Devoutly Catholic, Mike who is 98 years old has exemplified the best of us.   

Congratulations 2022 

Miljenko Mike Grgich


Marko Franovic

10th February, 2021


NSW Australia

We can proudly and with deep admiration say that the past four decades of Marko Franović's life have been marked by extraordinary gestures of generosity towards the Australian and Croatian communities. Marko's lending hand providing assistance that extends across continents in efforts for a better democracy and life for all. He is a person who feels a deep love for humanity, who is governed by practical kindness and courtesy to humanity. He has integrated his business, philanthropic and civic obligations with the community and has followed a standard for individual and corporate citizenship that reflects the great measure of what we seek in society and on which we rely to maintain the preservation of generosity and kindness towards others.

Although he prefers to walk selflessly, quietly, under the radar of the bright stage and spotlight – he is a man who likes to support and provide the best he can, not receive. His firm step forward through the social landscape of the homeland of Croatia and Australia, numerous public roles, contribution to social, political and cultural care and achievements that have often been talked about and analyzed over many years, are colossal. His  love for the first homeland coupled with love for the second can create "miracles". Miracles that are quiet, often unnoticed, but for many have the significance of well-being that inspires creativity and progress.

Congratulations 2021

Marko Franovic

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